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TSI and NetBuilder
Tony LysakFebruary 24, 20231 min read

NETbuilder Digital Merges With The Software Institute

I’m excited to announce that The Software Institute has acquired the Enterprise Consulting division of NETbuilder, the consulting firm that I co-founded over 20 years ago, with specialist skills and insights within the latest technologies used by our enterprise customers, including: Observability, Cyber Security, DevSecOps, Cloud, Software Engineering and Testing.

As of today, NETbuilder Digital has become the Expert Services Division of The Software Institute.  

NETbuilder Digital and The Software Institute have been working in close partnership, as part of the same organisational structure with the same parent company, for the past 2 years. As we celebrate our success and continue to scale, globally, we are consolidating the brands. Our customers will benefit from consultants from both brands, with technology leaders from NETbuilder overseeing more junior certified consultants, from The Software Institute, as part of a consolidated service offering, answering the requirements of our clients and creating a unique service offering.

Our new senior consultants, from NETbuilder Digital, work in close collaboration with the largest software vendors, being utilized as one of the most trusted consulting organizations, in the marketplace.  The new services will enable our customers to undergo complete Workforce Transformation, Workforce Management and create Centres of Excellence (CofE) in any technology.  The combined capability will offer advisory services, expert delivery services and full enablement services through the transfer of our permanent certified consultants.  This is needed not only by our customers but customers of the fastest growing and most successful software vendors who cannot produce the people and the skills to keep up with delivery demand.  We are able to take accountability and ownership of delivery, with the assurance of future skills enablement in parallel.

Not only will the new combined service increase value to our customers, directly, but it will also bring our trusted community of multi-level technologists even further together, providing additional support to our customers and members.

This rebrand will not affect any agreements currently in place, with clients.


Tony Lysak

Tony Lysak is a technology entrepreneur with a track record of founding, growing and investing in technology product and services businesses. In 1999 Tony co-founded NETbuilder, a company where he made several organic acquisitions. From 2010 to2020 Tony sold three businesses to publicly listed and private equity backed companies resulting in a total of five capital events for fellow directors and management teams. In December 2020 Tony founded The Software Institute saying: “There is a boom in technology and innovation which is accelerating the digital skills gap. There is a lack of digital skills but there isn’t a lack of digital talent. The Software Institute creates and provides a community of experts & specialists, training & delivery professionals. We partner with leading software vendors, academics & societies. We exist as a network for members and a platform for corporations and global systems integrators to delivery and create centres of excellence globally and at scale.” Tony has a B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics & Computer Science from The University of Sheffield and attended The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Tony represented the CIOR Military pentathlon team in 1993, 1994, 1995 & 1996.